In the each state they over load teachers with standards and sometimes confusing jargon. To relieve some of that stress is to realize that teachers do not have to meet all of those targets in the 180 days of school, but by using the UbD (The Understanding by Design) framework has teachers looking for long term goals rather than short term, this helps teachers identify what they what their students to learn by the end of the year. When the teachers know what they want their students to learn they can began to create different forms of assessments to make sure the students learn each of those objectives. Backward planning can help a lot in this case when it comes to time management and make sure that students have enough time to accomplish those goals the teacher put in place. The UbD approach is really awesome this allows teacher to focus on the bigger picture instead of the little details.

In the article by Richard Stiggins, Classroom Assessment for Student Learning, Stiggins brings up the a good point about student education now when it comes to social studies that it is coming almost obsolete in elementary classroom. A focus on Math and English, not saying they are less important, but they are stealing the show from other subjects. While these other subjects are being ignored when the students are in elementary school this delays students from “foundation knowledge,” it’s like teachers are feeding students to Jaws when those students get to middle school. By using the UbD the teacher does not have to stress about what the students already know, which teachers have enough to stress about, but can start to build new skills for their students.

With using the UbD model, teachers can assess their students to understand where they are in content and what they might need to focus on. The UbD model allows teachers to use all the time they are given in the classroom and get students at all levels to think critically. As a teacher we don’t need to worry about what the previous teacher taught or what the student had grasped in their previous history class the UbD model with help teachers to customize the content and organize the semester.


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  1. While I agree with you that UbD would relieve a great deal of stress in a teacher’s life, I do think it is still important what a student’s previous teacher taught them about your subject. The way I see it, backward curriculum design allows the teacher to plan an entire unit or even semester with an end goal in mind, but if that teacher receives a group of students who have little foundational knowledge it might derail their whole plan due to the fact that they will have to take time to fill in some gaps at the start of the year. If possible, it would be good if the state could teach social studies at the lower grade levels.


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