Curriculum Map!

Curriculum Map 1


2 thoughts on “Curriculum Map!

  1. I love how you have the units sort of divided by wars. It makes it easier to connect general and similar themes within each unit and aids in recall. The one thing I would suggest for you to consider is to look more carefully at the Common Core and C3 standards because you can connect a lot more of them to each of the units because these units are broad enough but also specific enough (if that makes sense). Great balance!


  2. Taylor,
    A logical map that does a good job approximating what teachers spend on these particular units. So, the good news is that you will simply need to edit, tweak, and flesh out your map (especially the latter as you spend more time studying the content for each unit).

    Recommendation: choose either an essential question or a learning target statement for your format; simplify your concepts & themes into 1- or 2-word entries; make sure you have ONE clear target in each objective; reconsider how you are challenging students to think historically by making sure that your primary learning targets are cognitively higher order (and your secondary targets a mix of higher and lower order thinking) – but above all that they address the desired learning outcome specific to each unit; finding a balance with the political-economic-cultural (right now the course seems heavy on political).

    This is a good start. Good luck on the next portfolio assignments.


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